Owe More On Your Home Than It’s Worth?


                                                                        Family Fresh Start

Many people need a fresh start due to the market value of their home falling below what is owed on the mortgage(s). A fresh start typically sounds wonderful and if not handled correctly most people may have many serious issues (judgments, tax deficiencies, foreclosures on the credit report, and more …) to deal with for years to come. Every family in this situation experiences the same fear, anguish and worry about what to do … the common questions are:

• Should I keep paying my mortgage knowing that I’m throwing my money down the drain?

• Should I stop paying my mortgage and hope I can get a permanent loan modification?

• Should I stop paying on my home and let it go into foreclosure?


cdpe-logoThese are very hard questions with ramifications.  The good news is I may be able to help you answer these questions.  More importantly, if you meet certain criteria, I may be able to lead you on the road to a fresh start … a Family Fresh Start.

My name is Jesus G. Aquino and I’m a real estate consultant who specializes in helping families get a fresh start.profile 2

Now I don’t know if I can help you get out of this stressful situation and I’m not going to try and sell you anything.

Instead, I will simply tell you what I do, who it is for … and who it’s not for.  Using various strategies that many real estate agents don’t understand, I have helped my clients save tens of thousands of dollars, stop foreclosure, prevent bankruptcy and save their credit scores.

My strategies will either work for you or they won’t … and the only way we can find out is for you to learn more about it … first hand.

I’m Willing to Walk You Through It – FOR FREE

I will give you the gift of 30 minutes of my time and all my years of expertise. All you need to do is choose to give me the gift of your time.

Look – I know you may have heard super “one size fits all” marketing promises from other real estate agents. This isn’t one of them.  This is very specialized and it might not be appropriate for you.

This IS for homeowners who:

• Owe too much on their mortgage and want to get out of the loan without creditors chasing them for years.

• Are behind in their mortgage payments and are getting threatening phone calls many times a day from their mortgage company.

This is NOT for homeowners who:

• Already have their homes listed for sale with a licensed real estate professional.

And now for more brutal honesty:  After I explain what I will do for you …. And suggest ways for you to get a fresh start, I might (Yes, here it comes) … ask you to hire me to help you work through this challenging situation.

And if you decide to hire me, we will take action quickly.

Finding out about what I do and how I help homeowners is free – but if you want my personal help, you will need to take action – immediately.

Here’s How It Works

If you’re curious about a fresh start, the options we can discuss are:

  1. Get skilled help with a loan modification
  2. Negotiate a forbearance agreement
  3. Reinstate the loan
  4. Complete a short sale

Here’s what to do:

Pick up the phone and call:


Email me through our contact form,

Or if you prefer …

Complete the online application here, at Family Fresh Start.

It’s free to learn about how I can help you get a Family Fresh Start. We will discuss your situation over the phone and if our next best step is to meet in person, we will schedule a Clarity Consultation where I will answer all your questions, share with you how I work and alleviate many of your concerns.

If your best option is a short sale and we both believe we are a fit, I’ll invite you to hire me to represent you.

Your future friend in real estate,  Jesus G. Aquino  with AQUINO HOMES REAL ESTATE Direct:  407.259.1182



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