untitled9 You should pray like this:

Our Father in heaven,  help us to honor     your name. 10 Come and set up    your kingdom, so that everyone on earth     will obey you, as you are obeyed     in heaven. 11 Give us our food for today.[a] 12 Forgive us for doing wrong,     as we forgive others. 13 Keep us from being tempted     and protect us from evil.[b]


GOD  WANTS TO GIVE YOU A BETTER LIFE.                     972346_621799447864518_1822298150_n

But unfortunately, there’s a problem. A barrier exists between God and humankind. It’s called sin—a word that refers to all the ways we fall short of God’s design for humanity.

When the first human beings rebelled against God, sin became a part of the human condition. It has been passed on like a hereditary disease from ancestor to ancestor, all the way down the line to us today.

In the Bible, Romans 3:23 says, “Everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.” And in Romans 6:23, we learn “the wages of sin is death.”*

In other words, all people need to be brought “back from the dead” spiritually. But there’s nothing we can do to remove this barrier of death on our own. No amount of good deeds on our part can change our eternal status


Even though we sin, God doesn’t begrudge us our lives. In His kindness and mercy, He sustains us—blessing us even when we don’t know it—so we can eventually find the way back to Him. But if we don’t seek Him and His ways, or if we choose to reject Him, our spiritual deaths will be permanent.

We will live apart from God and His goodness in eternity after we physically die. The Bible tells us that eternal life apart from God is to live in darkness, with no hope, no joy, and no love, forever.


God doesn’t want anyone to experience permanent death (2 Peter 3:9). He loved us so much that He devised a plan to free us from the grasp of sin and provide forgiveness for all time.

In the Bible, John 3:16 says, “God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

Before time began, God has existed in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There is no division between

these three Persons. Though it’s difficult for us to understand, they are one God.

Jesus Christ is God’s Son, and He is also God.

So when the Bible says, “God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son,” we see that God really gave Himself


Because humanity failed to live according to God’s standard and had fallen into spiritual death, Jesus humbled Himself and came to earth to live as a man. He lived a sinless life and performed many miracles. But the world rejected Him and crucified Him on a cross.

He died on that cross and was buried in a tomb, but three days later, He rose from the grave.

What the world didn’t realize was that dying on the cross was Jesus’ plan all along. Through His death and resurrection, He removed the barrier between humankind and God. Because He was also God, Jesus conquered sin and death on our behalf so we could truly live.


Jesus’ victory on the cross was for everyone, including you. He offers salvation from sin and eternal death to all people as a gift, but He asks that we give Him our lives in return. How can we do this? By believing in Him, turning from our sins, and asking Him to be the Lord—the ruler and guide—of our lives.

Romans 10:9 says, “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Remember, God is love. He loves you more than anyone else ever has or ever could. In giving your life to Him, you invite His love into every aspect of who you are. Hislove is transforming, and His forgiveness is complete.

God will transform you and make you a new person in Him. You will find the joy-filled life you’ve always longed to have.


There’s no need to put off receiving God’s gift of salvation. You don’t need to clean yourself up first, start behaving better, or anything of the sort before you can become a follower of Jesus. You can take the first step right now.

Open your heart to God and receive Him. He’s ready to receive you. You can pray the following prayer or use your own words.

Lord JesusI believe you are truly the Son of God. I confess that I have sinned against You in thought, word and deed. Please forgive all my wrongdoing, and let me live i relationship with you from now on. I receive You as my personal Savior,accepting on my behalf the work You accomplished once and for all on the cross. Than You for saving me. Help me to live a life that is pleasing to you.       Amen

YOU have potential. No matter what challenges you face, God has an amazing purpose for your life and He wants you to experience His love and blessings.




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