Our Pets


jessie 1                                                         Jessie

Jessie is a talkative and entertaining Blue and Gold McCaw. He became a part of our family six years ago, we have enjoyed seeing him grow and learn new words. Jesse has a very funny character and can be found sitting in a fruit tree, eating a juicy loquat most of the time.





                                                 Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty is the boss, she has the whole family falling for her innocence. She  can be found roaming around the herb garden pathway, or on the couch watching t.v.





ROCKY                                                              Rocky

Rocky is a very sweet Malti-Poo. He is outgoing and loves when friends and family come to visit.  Rocky and Rico are best friends and like to play in the yard.





RICO                                                                 Rico

Rico is a rescue dog, we adopted him four years ago. He is  a labChow mix  and is super smart. He takes care of Rocky and Mrs. Kitty, usually letting them eat first and sleep on the preferred blanket.





Welcome to Aquino Homes Real Estate

Our Firm’s philosophy is simple – we understand and care about people who ask for our real estate service since 1991.  We make a commitment to your entire family.  Any real estate office can sell houses.  We find homes for families – homes and neighborhoods that meet our client’s dreams and desires.  We sell homes for families at the highest fair market value possible.  That’s the reason our clients return again and again. It is the basis upon which trusted referrals are sent.  It is the extra care and personal touch that represents our attitude and style.  We are dedicated to serving you better than anyone else.
                                           “Because Family Matters”