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Our Team Of Professionals

. Our team members include a Licensed Realtors, a Florida Real Estate Broker, an ( REPM) Property Management Specialist, (REOS) Real Estate Owned Specialist, (CDPE) Certified Distressed Property, (AHWD) At Home With Diversity. (SFR) Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource certification. (SFRPM) Single Family Residential Property Management.  At  AQUINO HOMES REAL ESTATE   No matter what type of real estate you own, your investment will always be under the supervision of an experienced professional with extensive training and continuing education.


•Bank Owned / Foreclosure Properties/Short Sales/Commercial / Investment Properties

•Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) — an estimate of the home’s value compared with others. This differs from an appraisal in that property currently for sale may be taken into consideration (competition for the subject property).

•Exposure — Marketing the real property to prospective buyers.

•Facilitating a Purchase — guiding a buyer through the process.

•Facilitating a Sale — guiding a seller through the selling process.

•Leasing for a fee or percentage of the gross lease value.

•Property Management

•FSBO document preparation — preparing necessary paperwork for “For Sale By Owner” sellers.


 Foreclosures & Short Sales

      Are you in a bad situation and can’t afford to make the payments on your home? If you are, we can help. As a free service, we offer to meet with you to review your individual situation to see if we can assist by coordinating either a loan modification or a short sale.

If after reviewing your situation it’s determined that you could qualify for a short sale, we can move quickly to help you complete the process. Conducting a short sale is a long and delicate process that you can’t trust to just anyone, so rest easy knowing we have extensive experience in this field.

The Process  Once it’s determined that we will proceed with a short sale, we’ll follow these steps:

• Sign a listing agreement

•Provide you a short sale package to complete

•List your property for sale in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

•Negotiate & Accept a reasonable offer the bank is likely to accept

• We’ll submit the offer package, along with a financial package from you to a professional short sale negotiation firm for 3rd party approval from your lender

•Once we receive 3rd party approval back from your bank, we can then proceed to closing

• We’ll coordinate all closing requirements so we can close on the property (*sellers can’t receive any proceeds from a short sale)

•After closing, you’ll need to consult with an accountant to properly file your taxes following a short sale


What is a Short Sale? 

A short sale takes place when a property is sold for less than what is owed on the mortgage and the lenders who own the underlying mortgage or mortgages, accept less than the full payoff as a settlement. This allows the property to transfer to the buyer even though the lenders did not receive the full amount that they were owed. Given the vast number of available homes in this category you can find short sales in just about every community in Central Florida and at all price levels.

How Does It Work? 

A property that is listed as a short sale is listed on MLS just like any other property, with the exception that it must identify somewhere in the listing that it is in fact a short sale. When a prospective buyer is interested in a short sale, an offer is submitted to the current owner. If the owner agrees, they then sign the contract and it’s forwarded to the seller’s lender for approval. Along with the contract, the seller has to provide the lender proof of a hardship explaining why the bank should accept the short sale offer. A word of caution when considering short sales. Due to the number of short sales being processed by banks, the approval time can take months with the average being roughly 90-120 days. If the seller’s lender approves the offer, they will then provide their approval in writing, at which time the transaction proceeds in a relatively normal fashion.


   What is a Bank Owned Home?

Bank owned homes or REO’s (real estate owned) are also available in many of Central Florida’s communities. A bank owned property is one that has moved through the foreclosure process and is now back in the hands of the original lender. Lenders do not want to own these homes and need them sold quickly, making many of these properties tremendous buying opportunities. In addition, most banks respond to offers in only a couple of days as opposed to months typical with short sales.

                     Deciding to Sell 

So you’ve made the decision to sell your home. Before taking any other steps, it would     be a good idea to sit down and draw up a game plan to include a basic time frame.

Why do you want to sell your house? Do you intend to upgrade to a larger home, or are you may be moving to another school district, or maybe the neighborhood you’ve always wanted, or maybe you’re relocating because of your career. You might think your reasons are clear, but it would be wise to consider all the implications of each option for your family’s lifestyle, opportunities and finances. Being clear about your motivations for selling will make it easier for us to determine the most appropriate option for your specified financial, lifestyle and real estate goals.

What’s the right time of year to sell? You should immediately establish your time frame for selling. Traditionally, the ideal time to sell a home is in the Spring & Summer months. If you need to sell quickly, the best thing you can do is to hire an experienced agent and pricing your home in conjunction with comparable properties in the area. If you don’t need to sell immediately, we would suggest you take the time to sit down with an expert real estate team develop a game plan that addresses everything from when the right time to sell your homes is to how to properly stage your home.

Is it a buyer or seller’s market? Depending on the market conditions, you’ll certainly need the knowledge and expertise of a local agent to achieve the best market price and terms.

What about my finances? One of the most important factors in making a decision to sell is not only knowing what you can truly sell your home for but also what fees will be included with the sale. When deciding to sell, you want to get a true estimate of potential proceeds from the sale of your home. We will make sure you’re informed every step of the way and we also work with an excellent team of lenders who will ensure you maximize your full financial potential.


            Buying a Home 

Buying a Home in Central Florida, Congratulations on your decision to buy a new home! Aquino Homes Real Estate can assist you every step of the way to make this exciting experience as pleasant as possible, from the first house-hunting expedition to a successful closing. With  Aquino Homes Real Estate, you have the full backing of a professional Central Florida based real estate team to provide a helping hand in making all your homeowner’s dreams come true.

The Aquino Homes Real Estate Difference: Knowledgeable Representation for Modern Day Home Buyers

•Great pulse on the local real estate market in Central Florida,

•Highly communicative & tech savvy,

•Frequently discover hot new listings before they hit the market,

•Proactively screen & filter properties to save you time,

•Unsurpassed knowledge of modern & mid-century modern homes,

•Demonstrated success assisting Buyers with diverse budgets & architectural preferences,

•Full-time, productive career real estate agents committed to surpassing the needs of our Buyer Clients before, during, and after the transaction

As your Buyers Agent, we will utilize our in-depth understanding and appreciation of the local market to help you locate, negotiate for, and purchase the home that is right for you. Most importantly, we recognize the value of your time and are firm believers and adopters of technology that will allow us to work more closely together to quickly locate and preview properties of interest to you without requiring you to invest a lot of ‘windshield time’ traveling from house to house or wasting your weekends, touring open houses to find the home that is right for you.



Choosing a Mortgage Company  Securing finances requires a decision that you may have to live with for a long time, so spend enough time comparing the terms and conditions of different lenders before making your decision. We have several lenders that we vetted and work with on a daily basis so we can make recommendations based on your individual circumstances. Please keep these items in mind if you decide to shop for a lender and program on your own:

•Price: Consider the competitiveness of a lender’s terms with that of others, especially for mortgage rates, interest rates, and additional closing costs to include points.

•Rapport:  Do your lenders and brokers communicate effectively and thoroughly? Are they attentive to client needs and prompt in their dealing with clients? Ideally you’re looking for someone that you can work with and trust every step of the way.

•Underwriting: Check whether the lender underwrites their own loans. This could save you from last minute surprises before closing.

Choosing a Loan. Though there are many different kinds of loans available today, these three are the most commonly used:

•Fixed loan: This long-term option requires monthly payments that will remain the same (fixed) throughout the duration of the loan. The loan term may vary from fifteen to thirty years.

•Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM):  The loan rate here will be determined by factors such as the Federal Funds rate index, readjustment intervals, and capitalization rate. The initial interest rate can be as much as 2 to 3 percent lower than a comparable fixed rate mortgage. This can make homeownership more affordable. However you should first examine all factors and consider the risks involved before selecting this option. These loans are less common these days.

•Hybrid loan: Also known as an intermediate or convertible ARM, it offers a fixed interest rate for a specified initial period before it ‘switches’ to an ARM and adjusts with the market every six months or every year thereafter. Consult with your lender to determine which loan type and program best could correspond with your resources.




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