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Knowledge is key to understanding how government programs work, and whether or not they apply to your circumstances. I have successfully helped many homeowners who have the threat of foreclosure looming overhead. Let me help you!


If you are in danger of falling behind on your mortgage payments or if you’re already delinquent it’s important to know what your options are and what to expect ahead. Learn about the eight options that will help you avoid foreclosure.


Thousands of homeowners in Florida will receive up to 18 months worth of mortgage payments from the state program , which will opens for applications next month.It’s the first time the more than $1 billion in federal funding will be available statewide.

This is Aimed at unemployed homeowners or those who have jobs but don’t earn enough to pay their mortgage, the money, which was announced last year, can be used to make loan payments for up to 18 months and to bring delinquent loans current.


As borrowers continue to default, job losses mount nationwide and the nation’s economy continues to reel under the pressure of one of the most intense recessions in decades, the number of homes going into foreclosure across the nation continues to rise with no end in sight.

Don’t become another foreclosure victim! No matter what your immediate needs is—Short Sale or just advice—We can assist you in making the correct decision to fit your particular situation.

AQUINO HOMES REAL ESTATE  is a local company who has expertise working with homeowners facing foreclosure in your area. As real estate professional who is knowledgeable about the foreclosure market in your neighborhood we can offer some sound and valuable advice.


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