Moving Out Guidelines

(a) The Tenant agrees that upon the expiration of this Rental Agreement and with 60 day written notice, or upon the termination of the Rental Agreement, that the Tenant will at once, peaceably surrender and deliver up the whole of the premises described above, including all keys, together with all improvements thereon to the Agent of Landlord.
(b) A “hold over” occurs when Tenant fails to vacate the premises by the date the Rental Agreement terminates, or by the date in Tenant’s written move out notice to Agent of Landlord, or by the date of Agent of Landlord’s written notice to vacate to Tenant. No holding over is permitted without the written permission of the Agent of Landlord. If Tenant should hold over without written permission, he/she shall be liable for double the rent for the period during which Tenant refuses to surrender possession of the premises, according to the Florida Statute 83.58. Tenant shall also be liable for any additional costs suffered by Landlord or Agent of Landlord as the result of such Tenant holding over. These additional costs could be substantial and shall include but not be limited to all rent for a previously signed commitment of a new Tenant who cannot occupy the premises because of the hold over. In the event that Agent of Landlord imposes a security deposit claim upon Tenant, then Tenant hereby agrees to compensate Agent of Landlord by paying a security deposit claim processing fee of $150.00 (plus postage necessary to process claim), and these fees will be deducted from the Tenant’s security deposit.

(a) The full term of the lease has expired and Tenant has complied with all other provisions of this Agreement.
(b) No damage to the premises or its contents beyond normal wear and tear is evident. This does not include dirt and waste.
(c) The entire dwelling, appliances, closets and cupboards are thoroughly clean and free from insects. Tenant understands and agrees that upon vacating the premises, Tenant must thoroughly clean the kitchen appliances (including refrigerator, stove and oven), all bathroom fixtures, floors, and windows inside and out, blinds light fixtures and ceiling fans.
(d) All furnishings, debris and rubbish have been removed from the premises and disposed of properly.
(e) All carpets have been thoroughly and professionally cleaned and left in satisfactory condition and repair.
(f) The air conditioning system has been left clean and in satisfactory condition and the filter has been changed.
(g) The lawn has been cut and edged, shrubs trimmed, and debris properly removed from the premises.
(h) Where pets are involved, the premises have been professionally treated for fleas.
(i) All unpaid sums have been paid, including rent, late charges, returned check charges, unpaid deposits or fees, maintenance or repair costs, and any other miscellaneous charges required to be paid by Tenant. Tenant understands that any expenses incurred by Landlord to return the premises to the same condition as when Tenant moved in, allowing for reasonable wear and tear (which does not include dirt and waste) shall be paid by Tenant.
(j) All keys have been returned in a timely manner.
(l) A forwarding address has been left with Landlord.

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