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Buyers: Know what items are included in the home sale.

There are few events during the home buying process that are better than walking into a beautiful property and seeing crystal chandeliers, top-of-the-line appliances and updated, energy-efficient fixtures. For buyers who are on the fence about the purchase, these small features may be enough to steer them toward buying a home. However, buyers should be aware of one of the most common misunderstandings that can occur when viewing a home: what they see is not always what they get.

In many cases, certain items that may be on display are not included when they actually buy the home. This can be disappointing for new owners, making it important to clarify what will stay and what will go after they have closed on the property.
Common features that are not included
There are several types of home features that sellers may forget to remove and store before showing a home. These include kitchen and bathroom fixtures, such as faucets, light coverings and even handles and door knobs, according to the Boston Globe. Most wall mounts and materials that are used to bolt other fixtures to a wall are also not included. In addition, most sellers do not plan to leave major appliances than they purchased, such as refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers. Lastly, buyers should not assume that window coverings will remain in the home after the previous owner has sold the property.
All items should be included in a contract
Most sellers will remove items they don’t plan to include in the home sale prior to an open house. However, this is not always the case and if buyers have questions about what will remain in the home after the sale, they should not hesitate to ask their real estate agent. After these points have been clarified, they should also be listed in a contract to avoid confusion or disputes down the line.
Negotiations for items
It’s not uncommon for buyers to try to negotiate with sellers to leave certain items in the home. Buyers who are interested in the new kitchen fixtures that match the granite countertops perfectly should not hesitate to at least throw out an offer to the seller. Buyers may also simply ask sellers where they purchased certain items and price them separately to determine if it would be more affordable to negotiate with the owners or purchase the features after the home sale.


Making the choice between two homes.

Some individuals who are buying a home worry that they won’t find their dream house. However, many may not know how to proceed when they have fallen in love with two properties. Making the decision between two houses can be difficult when they both feature affordability, space and great features. To avoid feeling buyer’s remorse after purchasing a home, there are a few factors consumers may consider when making their choice.

Neighborhood amenities
If both homes are perfectly suited to meet a buyer’s needs, it may make sense to go outside the house itself for more insight. When individuals move into a new house, they are not simply moving to a new home, but also a new neighborhood. For this reason, compare the communities the two homes are located in to determine which one is a better fit, according to the National Association of Realtors. There are several factors buyers should consider, such as proximity to their offices, how the school systems compare with surrounding areas and the crime rates of the neighborhood.
It can also be helpful to meet some of the neighbors and ask about their experiences living in the area. Polls and statistics can tell buyer a great deal about a community, but speaking with the locals allows consumers to both learn more about the culture of the area and introduce themselves to their prospective new neighbors. Future value
In many cases, a homeowner may have goals that drive what type of home they are seeking out. For example, some may be looking for a starter house while others are seeking out a property they can retire in. It can be helpful to examine prospective houses against those in the neighborhood. If buyers are planning to sell their home within a few year and other houses in the area are depreciating in real estate value, this may influence their decision. On the flip side, properties in some areas may be appreciating in value, which can be beneficial to a buyer’s long-term goals.
In addition, owners who are comparing the prices of two homes may want to speak with their real estate agent about whether there is room for negotiations with the sellers of the two properties. If money is the deciding factor, buyers may find that they will get a better price with one seller over the other.


Take a calm, but confident approach when purchasing a home.

It’s natural that home buyers are excited and eager to find the house of their dreams during the home buying process. Real estate agents typically tell sellers not to be overly emotional during the process, because it may jeopardize their sale. However, some buyers may be unaware that approaching the buying process with too much emotion can also take its toll on their prospects as well.
It’s important for buyers to keep in mind that purchasing a home is a business deal, and like any formal agreement, it’s best to go in with a clear head.
Take several looks at the home
When it comes to shopping for a house, every person has their own way of deciding what they want. However, making snap judgments about a home after one look can make some pass up a great offer because they believe there are better deals available, while others might choose a home too quickly without exploring other options. Striking a balance between the two is important, because it gives buyers the chance to really examine each house they visit and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of all their options, according to MSN Real Estate.
For example, buyers who are frequently looking for a better deal may pass up homes that have all the amenities and features they are looking for within their price range. Over time, they may find that all the homes they passed up were the best options, but many of these may already be off the market. In contrast, buyers that fall in love with a home immediately may experience regret down the road if they don’t take an objective view of the property. It’s important that buyers go through all the advised procedures, such as getting the home inspected and appraised and making sure it falls within the right price range to avoid overpaying, MSN Real Estate reports.
Make a realistic offer
Buyers who are extremely interested in a home should be very careful about making realistic offers, and working with their real estate agent to know how much a property is really worth. Making lowball offers for the sake of negotiating can cause buyers to quickly lose out on a home sale. In addition, making a significantly higher offer may result in buyers overextending their finances.


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