Average Property Price Per Region


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Issue 2 / March 2014
Housing Trends
•   Average home prices on non-distressed properties increased in most areas but were flat in the Farm Belt and Oil-Producing states.
• Investors increased their share of short sale home purchases in January.
•   Traffic from current homeowners and first-time homebuyers increased in January.
Average Property Price Per Region
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“There’s high buyer demand, but low inventory. Average home prices have increased slightly in some areas while others are still declining. School district is a large factor.” – Agent in New York
Who is Buying Properties
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“I’m seeing more investors looking to get back in the market to flip.” – Agent in Arizona
Homebuyer Traffic
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“Our market continues to astound me. Winter should be slower. Prices are fairly stable and we have a diverse group of buyers and sellers that keeps the traffic flowing.” – Agent in Texas

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