Aquino Homes – Working for You

The world of residential real estate brokers is a landscape of extreme differences. The general public is aware of some differences but is unaware of the huge differences that actually exist.

At first glance the differences are about size; big, small and in between. Those differences are obvious but the real difference has to do with the relationship between the broker and the agents within the firm.

Brokers have a legal responsibility to oversee their agents which is driven by state laws. Beyond that is what level of support the broker supplies the agents and what level of commitment and hard work the agent gives in return. Some brokers are very hands on in training and development and nurturing with their agents. Others fall more into the “here’s your desk, here’s your phone, so long, you are on your own.”  The quality of service provided the client can be vastly different depending on the broker/agent relationship.

Our model at  AQUINO HOMES REAL ESTATE  is highly involved in training, development, nurturing and oversight. We know our agents value this and our clients are very well cared for as a result.

Superior representation requires an investment and that investment shows up in staffing,  advertising, marketing, communications, training, etc….a whole host of items that help support an agent, who can provide a superior level of service for their clients.

At  AQUINO HOMES REAL ESTATE  we invest heavily in our agents with the sure knowledge that after many years in the business this investment allows everyone to win – the clients, the agents and the broker.


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