Home Staging 101

Cluttered Office

We sat down with our Professional Home Stager and asked them a few tricks to help your home sell. This isn’t a complete list, so if you need more assistance let us know. We provide a staging consultation, by a professional designer, for each of our new listings.

Light it up! – A warm, lit home is a sellable home. Make sure each room has adequate lighting. When you have showings scheduled, make sure you have each rooms lights on so it feels warm and inviting. Also, don’t have your agent request that the buyer’s agent turn off lights. They will find your homes oddities when turning out the lights!

Music is a must. – This jives with the light theme, a little background noise when your potential buyers are visiting makes your home feel more inviting. A quite home feels stark and hollow. No rock music either, just something soft playing in the background.

What’s that smell? –  Trust us; nothing turns off buyers more than a poor smelling house. Buyers are already going into a foreign environment; don’t make them smell your cat box too! A lite air freshener is a good way to go. If you really want to win them over, fresh bake some cookies right before your buyers tour and leave them to nibble on!

Who’s in the picture? – I know your family and friends are very important to you, but they are a bit distracting. Buyers want to see themselves living in your home, not who actually lives there. By taking your personal photos down and keeping the art neutral, you make the home feel easier to move into.

Dirty FanLook at all this stuff! – A cluttered home is hard to see the potential of; you need to get rid of some of that stuff! You’re going to pack it up soon, you might as well get a head start and de-clutter to help your home sell quicker. This, again, will help buyers see themselves living in your home. Buyers like to imagine where their furniture will go and it’s hard for them to do this when sellers have extra stuff in their home. Not to mention, they will be looking at your stuff and not at the home itself.

“Primed and Polished” – Keep your home clean and ready for showings. I know it can be hard to do for some, but a clean home will sell quicker and be more inviting. The longer we can keep buyers in our homes the better chance they will buy it.

A bedroom is a bedroom…  – People have a tough time imagining what rooms are supposed to be when they are used for a different purpose. If you have a bedroom and use it as a rec room, stage it as a bedroom and that will help people in vision it for that purpose. Again I know this can be an inconvenience to you and your family, but you’re going to move anyways, you might as well get started packing now.

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