Why Invest in Orlando Real Estate?

Why Invest in Real Estate?

The fundamental benefit of investing in income producing real estate is the opportunity to own a tangible asset that has the ability to both grow in value and generate income. Match that with the advantages of owning an asset for which the bank may be willing to finance up to 80% of the purchase price and the tenants help you pay the monthly mortgage, yet you reap all of the benefits, such as a growing income stream, future appreciation, and potential tax advantages. As for risk, while it is certainly present in the short run, an owner’s risk tends to diminish systematically over time as the mortgage balance is paid down, rents are raised annually, and property values increase over the long term.

Why Orlando?

According to Reuters online, “Orlando is leading Florida out of recession and expanding so briskly that the city best known for theme parks is poised to push aside Miami as the state’s fastest growing metropolis for at least a generation”.  Aside from the theme parks and a massive tourist industry, Orlando counts with above average jobs growth, a booming health sciences industry, cheap housing markets and increasing rents.  All these factors combined with the amount of people moving to Orlando to take advantage of our weather and local economy among other things make for an excellent Real Estate Investing climate.

Why Now?

It is no lie that Florida, specifically the Orlando and Miami areas, were perennial frontrunners in the race for hardest hit or biggest amount of foreclosed homes in the nation.  Well, have you ever heard the old cliché?  Chaos brings opportunity, well it does, at least for those investors who are willing to stray from the pack and recognize that now is the time to buy.  The availability of low priced homes along with historically low interest rates and high rents makes for a perfect storm of opportunity.

Why Us?

Condovest specializes in working with Income Property Real Estate Investors.  We have created & shaped our company to do so and work hard to stay on top of the ever changing trends, technology, and overall market conditions to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information and advice.

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